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Privacy Policy

Stunning Symbol SDN Privacy is managed by the operator, Stunning Symbol SDN (henceforth data administrator).

Data administrator states and recognizes that with regards to its operation and activities everything fulfills the contents of the privacy regulation, and all effective statues.

The privacy regulation is always available at the www.eurntm.com website. Data administrator maintains the right to make modifications to the current privacy regulation. It will always notify EMS Trade Ltd. Members of the changes. Please feel free to ask our customer service regarding the privacy regulation.

Data administrator manages personal data confidentially, applying secure technical and management solutions during organization and data acquisition procedures.

Data administrator outlines regulations prescribed in data management laws, and considers them especially important with regards to itself.

all data is recorded and managed after the affected subject’s voluntary consent.
We will use information provided by Stunning Symbol SDN Members in the following areas:

  • Newsletter, news about the most up-to-date services, specials
  • Managing advertising related matters
  • Visit statistics
  • Market research
  • Games and related possibilities
  • Network identification, identifiers, date, time, name, username, e-mail address, phone number

Data retention period: until user consent withdrawal.

The importance of data management: data management ensures the identification of Stunning Symbol SDN Members, availability, the secure operation of the system, authenticity, and members’ provisioning and servicing.