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Community (membership) Article of Association
  1. Introduction
  2. Membership
  3. General Rights And Responsibilities
  4. Referrer Program – Business Plan
  5. Advertising Activity
  6. Trademarks, Logos, Copyrights
  7. Other By-Laws
  1. Stunning Symbol SDN (henceforth First Party) operates according to the Stunning Symbol SDN General terms of contract (henceforth First Party-GTC) in order to make the norms of correct and fair business co-operation clear for all members.
  2. Those who register on the www.eurntm.com website received membership in the Stunning Symbol SDN (henceforth First Party) community and thus receive discounts and awards. Club members can invite additional members into the First Party community. Club members are awarded according to the First Party-GTC
  3. Hereinafter it is the responsibility of all club members to read, comply with and make others comply with the First Party-GTC, and comply with all related international and local statutes. Considering the continuous changes in legal and economic conditions, the management of Stunning Symbol SDN reserves the right to make changes to the First Party-GTC without advanced notification
  1. New petitioners can request membership at the www.eurntm.com website. Petitioners receive active status by fully completing online registration and being accepted by First Party. Petitioners must be over the age of 18 to become First Party members. First Party is not liable to accept all petitions, and it can reject them without providing reasons.
  2. During registration the petitioners get to know the entire First Party-GTC and in their full contractual capacities accepts its contents, to become First Party members.
  3. First Party membership does not mean any employment, and does not authorize members to perform any activities in the name of the company. They cannot act, verbally or orally on behalf of the company. They are not employees or agents of the First Party network from legal or taxation aspect. As members, they perform economic activities to their own accounts, in their own names, to their own accounts as independent economic operators. All members are responsible for the payment of their own tax and social security fees. First Party is not liable to deduct taxes from its members and is not responsible with regards to members’ individual taxes. All members cover all of their own expenses, and assume (business) and all other risks related to their economic activities. All First Party members recognize that they have received all necessary information prior to registration and are aware of all risks.
  4. All First Party members agree that following registration, First Party can cancel the registration without any fines or obligations. All members acknowledge that following the announcement of cancellation of their registration, their web offices, all assets, rights, coins, payouts, rewards and awards are terminated. All members can request the cancellation of their own memberships.
  5. With their verbal and written statements regarding the entire business system of the First Party, all members accept full legal and financial responsibilities, even in aspects not specifically in the First Party-GTC, but that would violate its principles.
General Rights And Responsibilities
  1. All first party members are responsible for the protection of first party services and all endeavors, idealisms, and its good reputation.
  2. Respecting the First Party-GTC
  3. All members are responsible for the reading of the First Party-GTC and performing all activities accordingly. All other agreements regarding the parties must be put in writing, as claims can only be made based on these agreements
  4. Respecting the business plan
  5. All members are responsible for complying with all items and contents of the business plan
Referrer Program – Business Plan
Packages Investment
Starter $10-$200
Premium $210-$1000
Enterprise $1010-$2500
Ultimate $2510 – Above
Referrer Program – Business Plan
Referral Bonus
Packages Bonus
Starter 3%
Premium 5%
Enterprise 7%
Ultimate 10%
Matching Bonus

Binary marketing plan: The main concept is that you can expand in two directions – on the right and left side. Traffic counts for the entire depth and payout happens according to the following rules:

  • There are two options for left and right positioning, meaning positioning first-line registered members.
  • Automatic setting, which automatically positions your newly registered first-line member at the end (past place) of the weaker side.
  • You can set whether to place your newly registered first-line business partner at the end of the left or right side.
  • The rate of matching bonus 10% of the weaker side according to the binary business plan or packages, and the guidelines in the terms &conditions. Matching bonus settlement between every week end (Saturday to Sunday).
  • Withdrawal charge will be $1 for every transaction, no other charges will be paid by user/member.
  • One first-line business partner on one side and two on the other side in the binary.
  • The maximum matching bonus payout is same as member’s package value. The company has the right to inspect and delete reward stockpiling and fictitious positions.
  • 70% of all bonus are credited immediately, the remaining 30% requires the loading of the same amount of new business.
  • Exchanges can change based on bitcoin exchange rates.
  • First party does not accept responsibility to non-observance of execution or possible delays if those originate from external uncontrollable situations, such as strikes, revolutions, lawsuits, fire or death, natural disasters, wars, or changes in legal statutes
  • All Rewards are settled on the 1st and the 15th after every calendar month. All members can keep an eye on rewards in their own web offices.
Trade Bonus
Packages Daily Bonus P.B. X2 P.B. X4 Days
Starter 0.25% 0.375% 0.50% 800
Premium 0.50% 0.750% 1.00% 400
Enterprise 0.75% 1.125% 1.50% 266
Ultimate 1.00% 1.500% 2.00% 200
Power Booster (P.B.)

If you complete two (2) direct referrals of your package or above within 7 days from your top-up your daily trade bonus will increase 50% and you will get total 300% trade bonus.

If you complete four (4) direct referrals of your package or above within 7 days from your top-up your daily trade bonus will increase 100% and you will get total 400% trade bonus.

Advertising Activity
  1. Media and advertisements
  2. Members can only use materials provided by First Party, because only these materials ensure fair, realistic, and legally appropriate employment.
  3. For the above reasons, members cannot create their own introductory materials, advertisements, sales support materials, sales incentive materials, and websites
  4. All personal material can only be used after written approval by the company.
  5. The creation of personal material, and the use of unauthorized, unlicensed material results in the breach of contract, and resulting claim responsibilities are born by the members themselves.
  6. When popularizing services, First Party members are liable to make evident that they are independent advisors in the First Party system. They cannot make statements, accept responsibilities, and acquire rights in the name of the company.
  7. First Party members cannot advertise in the media and they cannot make statements concerning First Party opportunities. All media roles and interviews must first be requested in writing from First Party.
Trademarks, Logos, Copyrights
  1. TheEMSTrade Ltd. name, and all related symbols are only allowed to be used on materials authorized by First Party. Members or other persons cannot use pictures, sound and video recordings made at First Party events for advertisements, propaganda activities, and other forums. The copying and the distribution of copied material is forbidden.
  2. Website, domain
  3. Members cannot create independent websites relating to the First Party business and services, and the term First Party cannot appear in any form in domain names
  4. Advertising materials for members
  5. . By accepting this contract, the network member consents to receiving electronic advertisement, letters, and special offers from First Party through electronic mail or similar communication methods, in compliance with related laws.
Other By-Laws
  1. Changes to the First Party-GTC
  2. All change recommendations to the First Party-GTC by First Party are considered effective and accepted by the members, if such changes are not noted by members within 30 days, or the First Party continues to use the system.
  3. Regarding possible changes to GTC conditions, all members state that they continuously follow, acknowledge and accept the www.eurntm.com website, regardless of whether First Party sends separate notifications.
  4. Validity
  5. The First Party general terms of contract is valid from the date of publication on the website.